What is Ringette?

Ringette is a Canadian game intro-duced in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario.
Originally designed to be a unique winter team sport for girls and an alternative to hockey, Ringette has evolved into a fast paced, exciting sport that combines the speed of hockey with the strategy of basketball or lacrosse.

Ringette is a team sport played on ice in which players use a straight, tapered stick to pass, carry, and shoot a 6" rubber ring into their opponent’s net to score points
Although many comparisons have been made to the sport of hockey, Ringette differs largely in that Ringette is a completely a non-contact sport, resulting in a fast-skating, highly-skilled passing game.

There are various skill levels of play across Canada beginning with U9 (Ringette 4 U) and then formal teams in categories of C, B, A and AA. Provincial Championships are held in most provinces at various levels. Each year Provinces select teams at the U16 and U19 AA divisions to play in the Canadian Ringette Championships. (CRC's) Ringette is played at the Canada Winter Games every four years.

The National Ringette League (NRL) is the showcase league for ringette in Canada and strives to be the premiere women's sports league in the country. This elite league currently has 16 teams from coast to coast. The top players in the country are all NRL players. Manitoba has one team that participates in the NRL – Winnipeg Prairie Fire .

The World Championships are held every three years with Canada selecting a National Team to participate in these Championships.

Ringette, the 50-year-old Canadian invention that has become one of the fastest team sports on ice, involves tens of thousands of girls and women, and hundreds of males, all across Canada. Internationally, it is played in Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United States. As well Ringette is being developed in other European countries. Created by Sam Jacks a North Bay, Ontario sports enthusiast in 1963, Ringette has come of age in Canada with over 60,000 participants including players, coaches, officials and volunteers across Canada.


What Can I Expect From R4U?

Ringette 4 U is going to tailor the Ringette experience specific to your child. In this format, your child gets to move at their own pace through the program. They will learn different skills, rules and games along the way.

The purpose of Ringette 4 U is to give every child equal opportunity at developing skating and Ringette skills.
Ringette 4 U is a program that is going to teach each child as an individual within a group or team environment, not just a team as a whole.

The goal of Ringette 4 U is to teach the basics of the game of Ringette. By allowing every child to grow and succeed at their own pace, we aim to create a solid foundation of skills. Players of all skill levels will be able to build on this foundation as they move along in Ringette and life.