Green Stage

This stage is for players who have all of the skills required to pass PURPLE, and are getting ready to play in the Winnipeg Ringette League. In this stage players rotate between taking a full 60 minute lesson and playing a 60 minute full ice game. The season culminates with a fun-filled R4U Jamboree Day for all participants. 



Green Season Format:


·         Assessment Camp (4 Sessions)


Squads Alternate between:

·         1x 60 minute Lesson

·         1x 60 minute Full-Ice Game



Green skills to be learned:

Skating Skills:

·         Have a basic backwards stride

·         Concept of basic parallel stop on both sides

·         Able to transition from forward to backward skating

·         Able to transition from backward to forward skating

·         Basic ability of forward crossovers

·         Able to turn on both sides

Ring Skills:

·         Able to receive a pass often (forehand and backhand sweep) while skating

·         Able to shoot the ring (backhand) into the net and hit a target often

·         Concept of forehand flip shot (beginning wrist shot)

·         Able to check the stick (side stick checking) often

Goalie Skills:

·         Basic Goalie positioning

·         Mobility and stick work

·         Ring distribution


·         Demonstrated knowledge of the rules

·         Concept of 1 on 1 offensively

·         Concept of 1 vs 1 defensively

·         Basic defensive team and individual tactics



Green URBAN Game:


·         Full Ice games


·         Ringette Canada Rules apply.

·         There are no penalties called at this stage.

·         Games are played 5 on 5 plus a goalie.

·         Line changes every 3 minutes at the whistle.

·         Goalies rotate at every line change.

·         The Clock is set for 60 minutes running time, with a short 1 minute break around            the 30 minute mark.

·         There is no score or standings kept at this stage.

 April 2019 


There are no cancellations at this time!!

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