Purple Stage

This stage is for players who have all of the skills required to pass RED, but have not necessarily played Ringette before. In this stage players take skill specific lessons and play split ice games every ice time after the assessments. The season culminates with a fun-filled R4U Jamboree Day for all participants. 

Games are played on 1/2 ice with 4 players on each side. We introduce a goalie at this stage as well as some of the rules. Players rotate and make line changes every 3 minutes. 


Purple Season Format:


·         Assessment Camp (4 Sessions)


Every Ice time see's the same format:

·         30 Minute Lesson

·         30 Minute Half Ice Game



Purple skills to be learned:

Skating Skills:

·         Can complete stops and starts (snowplough)

·         Able to glide on 1 foot

·         Able to make a tight turn on 1 side

·         Basic ability of backwards skating

·         Show the ability to carry the ring while skating through obstacles (ring protection)

Ring Skills:

·         Able to pass and receive the ring from a team mate

·         Able to pass the ring (backhand sweep)

·         Able to shoot the ring and hit a target often (forehand sweep)

·         Able to shoot the ring (backhand) into the net often

·         Able to check the stick (sweep check) in a controlled environment often

Goalie Skills:

·         Basic understanding of Goalie Stance


·         Basic understanding of all positions.



Purple URBAN Games:


·         1/2 Ice games

o   Game and Practice run at the same time.


·         Nets should be placed:

o   1x in the usual Crease

o   1x in the Centre Circle.

·         Games are played 4 on 4. (3 skaters plus a goalie.)

·         Players must pass over the Ringette line in the first half to their squad mates

·         Players must pass over the 2 Instructor painted lines in the second half.

·         Games are 30 minutes running time

·         Each squad should have a line shift of 2 players.

o   (2 new players + the player who played goalie the current shift will change lines. 1 player from the current shift will go in net. The other 2 players on the current shift will go to the bench for a water break.)

·         You should have 6  players from each team involved in the game at a time.

·         Line changes every 3 minutes at the whistle.

·         There is no score or standings kept at this stage.

 April 2019 


There are no cancellations at this time!!

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